Iran’s Currency Crisis is Fault of Current Regime

Navid Felker 24 April 2018

by Navid  Felker
According to Iran’s leadership, the United States it to blame for its current crises regarding their hold on power and the expansion of their influence in the region. However, recent developments within the country show that the underlying currency and economic situation is real threat to the regime.

Iran Regime is spinning out of control

Armin Baldwin 20 April 2018

by Armin Baldwin
On March 21, the first day of the Iranian year, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei gave a speech praising “freedom of expression” under the Regime, but notably left out the fact that thousands of activists are currently imprisoned for peaceful protest against the Regime.
It is more clear than ever that the just Islamic Republic that was envisaged by the protesters during the 1979 revolution has not come to pass. Not only are the people just as suppressed, the country is now on the brink of bankruptcy.

Closure on Iran’s Kurdistan Border has Bazaars Empty, Merchants On Strike

Editor 19 April 2018

by Staff writer, SF

When Iran closed the border with Iraqi Kurdistan last year, trade among Kurds from the neighboring countries was effectively blocked. Now, merchants in the majority Kurdish regions of western Iran are on strike to highlight the financial losses they’ve suffered In cities such as Baneh, Javanrood, Marivan, and Saqqez no goods were available for sale in the bazaars. Instead, on April 17th, merchants placed empty table cloths on the ground to symbolize their starvation as a result of the border closing.

Will Iran Regime survive this year?

Editor 18 April 2018


by Staff writer, SF

The White House has been making some changes in the past couple of months, changes which have led to a cabinet that is decidedly tougher on the Iranian Regime.
New appointees Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton are more in line with Donald Trump’s political views, especially on the Iranian threat.
This is clearly worrying for the Iranian Regime, who hit back at the men with all sorts of slanderous statements.

Senior environment official flees Iran weeks after being arrested

Saeed 18 April 2018

by Saeed
A senior environmental official in Iran has resigned his post and fled the country after angering Regime members and being arrested for his activism and Western connections.
On Tuesday, April 19, Kaveh Madani tweeted that he had "escaped" a country where "ignorant" people have "pushed aside science, knowledge and expertise."

Iranian regime’s fear of the growing opposition

Armin Baldwin 16 April 2018

by Armin Baldwin
The Iranian regime has been dealing with public discontent and popular unrest for many years. However, since the uprising that spread across the country at the end of December, the regime is clearly concerned about its future. This is evident through its reaction to the protests and anti-government demonstrations.
The regime has recognised that the people are very unhappy with their situation and that of the country. It knows that the people will not back down in their resistance and it understands that the end of the regime is near, yet it still continues to further suppress dissent.

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