Iran is no ordinary state

Azita Carlson 09 May 2018

by Azita Carlson
It must be made clear that Iran is no ordinary state. The fact that some of the Regime leaders speak English and that one faction has somehow convinced the world to describe it as “moderate”, should not distract from the fact that the Iranian Regime ignores international agreements and national sovereignty of its fellow countries in the Middle East.

Rial falls again ahead of Trump’s Iran decision

Editor 08 May 2018

by Staff writer, SF
The Iranian rial is trading at near record lows against the dollar today, ahead of Donald Trump’s announcement about the future of the nuclear deal.
The US dollar is now worth 65,000 rials, compared with 57,500 at the end of April and 42,890 at the end of 2017.

Morocco for cutting ties to Iran

Arab League applauds Morocco for cutting ties to Iran

Atousa Pilger 04 May 2018

by Atousa Pilger
The Arab League has publically supported Morocco’s decision to sever ties with Iran, over the Regime’s alleged support for the Polisario Front in the disputed Western Sahara.

Mahmoud Afifi, the representative for the Arab League’s secretary-general, said on Wednesday that the organisation strongly condemned and rejected Iran’s interventions in Morocco or in the internal affairs of any other Arab country.

Iran will suffer from collapse of North Korea

Editor 02 May 2018

by Staff writer, SF
The international spotlight has been largely focused on the meetings between the presidents of North Korea and South Korea, which aims to end the conflict between the two states. This would be good news for Korea, but also the whole world. However, not everyone is so happy.

Reports Say U.S. Investigating China's Huawei Tech for Alleged Iran Sanctions Violations

Azita Carlson 26 April 2018

by Azita Carlson
The U.S. Justice Department has opened an investigation into suspected U.S. export sanctions related to Iran, by China's Huawei Technologies, reports by Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other media. Subpoenas were issued to the company by the U.S. Commerce and Treasury, according to information provided by officials who wished to remain anonymous.

U.S. authorities have been probing Huawei's alleged shipping of U.S.-origin products to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions law since 2016, Reuters reported, adding that the probe of Huawei is similar to that used for the $92.5 billion Chinese company, ZTE Corp.

Iran’s Involvement in the Region should be Thwarted

Saeed 25 April 2018

by Saeed
Saudi Arabia is at the center of rapidly unfolding Middle East events. The visit by Mohammad Bin Salman to Egypt, Britain, the United States, France, and Spain, reinforced old alliances and promoted the interests of Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Gulf region as well as of Arab and Muslim countries.
After the his return, King Salman began receiving the guests of the Arab summit in Dhahran, which the King called the Jerusalem Summit because of its emphasis on the status of Jerusalem. The kingdom has historically supported Jerusalem.

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