Latest Report On Iran Regime’s Involvement And Casualties In Syria

Staff Writer 30 November 2015

Iranian regime in quagmire of war with Syrian people; extensive casualties of IRGC and its mercenaries

5000 revolutionary guards, elements of Hezbollah, thousands of Iraqi hirelings, and thousands of Afghan and Pakistani mercenaries in Syria
Names of 16 IRGC brigadier generals killed in Syria so far

How Iran Fuels Syria War

Staff Writer 16 March 2018

This book examines how the Iranian regime has effectively engaged in the military occupation of Syria by marshaling 70,000 forces, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and mercenaries from other countries into Syria; is paying monthly salaries to over 250,000 militias and agents to prolong the conflict; divided the country into 5 zones of conflict and establishing 18 command, logistics and operations centers.

NCRI –terrorism and Fundamentalism

Staff Writer 15 February 2018

 Revolutionary Guards are main cause of war and terror in region

The clerical regime has expanded its war mongering and criminal interventions in Syria and is seeking to reach the east coast of the Mediterranean by capturing Iraqi-Syria ground passage.

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