Insider Says Tehran Blast Killed and Wounded Hundreds

13 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A Persian Language dissident website, Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran ( reported today that according to its sources in Iran, Saturday’s blasts in a Iranian Revolutionary Guards Force military base in southwest of Tehran, has left hundreds killed or injured.

One of the military personnel at the base who wanted to remain anonymous told HRDAI reporter that between 170 to 300 IRGC personnel have been badly injured or killed as a result of the blasts.

The IRGC base which is a major top secret ballistic missile site is 46 kilometers southwest of the Capital city of Tehran but the blasts were so strong they were felt by residents in the eastern part of the city. A major part of the military base was destroyed by the blasts.

Who is General Gholam Shakuri of Iranian Quds Force?

25 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian dissident website,, revealed information from internal Iranian sources  about the identity of the second perpetrator of the assassination plot in Washington, today.

According to the website, General Gholam Shakuri is an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commander assigned to Quds forces.  His complete name is “Behnam Gholam Shakuri” born in the city of Hamedan.  He currently carries a rank of General in IRGC.

Shakuri joined the Revolutionary Guards after the Iranian revolution in 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini ousted Mohammad Reza Shah’s regime. He fought in the Iran-Iraq war and was one of the elements of torture and crackdown on the Iranian opposition during the 1980s and participated in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in that country.

EU Sanctions Iran Five for Saudi Ambassador Terror Plot

21 October 2011


Stop Fundamentalism - The European Union said Friday that it has imposed Sanctions on five individuals believed to have participated or are responsible for the murder plot of the Saudi Ambassador in Washington Last Tuesday, said AFP.

The United States and Great Britain had announced earlier this week that they have put sections on the individuals involved.  The sanctions include asset freeze.

One man by the name of Mansour Arbabsiar, a naturalized American citizen and a former used car salesman, is currently in US custody.  US say Arbabsiar has confessed and provided information about the plot.

Iran Blames Terror Plot on Opposition, US Denies

20 October 2011

Mansour Arbabsiar

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian officials and media are now blaming the foiled assassination attempt to kill Saudi Arabian Washington Ambassador, to Iran’s main opposition group the Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK. 

The Iranian authorities alleged that the second conspirator, Gholam Sakuri, who currently stays at large and believed to be in Iran, is an MEK affiliate.  Washington was quick to reject the allegation and stress that Shakuri is an officer of the Quds Force which is the foreign operations arm of the Iran’s IRGC.

Saudi Arabia Reports Iran's Conspiracy to UN Security Council

16 October 2011


Stop Fundamentalism - Saudi Arabia is reporting Iran to the United Nation Security Council over its alleged plot to assassinate its Ambassador to Washington; A plot that was revealed by the US last week.  The move, at the minimum could lead to new series of sanctions against Iran.

Saudi Arabia' permanent mission to United Nations said Saturday that it has formally requested that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, would inform all members of the council about the "assassination plot" against its envoy to United States.

The United States also turned in a formal complaint to the UN Security Council Friday alleging the Iranian regime to plot and plan to kill Saudi Ambassador to US.  The Complaint was presented to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.

U.S. Uncovers Iranian Plot to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador to Washington

11 October 2011

Manssor Arbabsiar

Stop Fundamentalism – The United States has charged two Iranian men to be involved in a plot by Iranian government top officials to engage in an act of terrorism and assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Washington, Adel Al-Jubeir.  The assassination was to take place in the United States.

US Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters that, "Conspiracy was conceived, sponsored and directed from Iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of US and international law."

The Ambassador is also known to be very close to Saudi king Abdullah.  The US Vows to hold Iran accountable.

Iran was quick to deny the allegations and called the charges, “A new round of psychological warfare against Iran,” said the Iranian state-run Mehr news agency on its website.

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