Iran Not Entitled to Interfere in Lebanon's Internal Affairs Says Saad Hariri

Editor 21 November 2017

 Staff writer, SF

This weekend Prime Minister Saad Hariri flew to Paris to meet with President Emmanuel Macron. In his first interview since he arrived there from Riyadh, Hariri hailed the powerful, young Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“The crown prince has a vision and only a few leaders possess a vision. Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a man of vision and he has capabilities and resolve and he is working to meet the challenges,” he said. “The Crown Prince and the other young generation in the Kingdom are giving hope to the future,” Hariri added.

Arab League Takes Stand Against Iran's Malign Influence

Navid Felker 20 November 2017

by Navid  Felker

Saudi Arabia has upped its campaign against the Iranian Regime’s growing malign influence in the Middle East by persuading most of the 22 Arab League states to condemn Iranian-ally Hezbollah, as a "terrorist organization”.

At Sunday’s emergency meeting, held in Cairo, the Arabian foreign ministers gathered to address the issue which was exacerbated following the launch of a ballistic missile from Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen at the Riyadh international airport in the Saudi capital on November 4.

Iran Regime-Backed Hezbollah, the Biggest Threat to Security in the Region

Editor 19 November 2017

Staff writer, SF

Iran-backed Hezbollah is the biggest threat to security in the region. Bahrain’s foreign minister stated on Sunday.

Ahmed Al Khalifa remarked during an emergency meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo to talk over ways to combat Iran regime’s interference in the affairs of Arab countries.

UK Prepares to Pay £400 Million Ransom to Iran to Free UK Aid Worker

Armin Baldwin 16 November 2017

by Armin Baldwin

The British Government is preparing to pay a ransom of over £400 million pounds to the Iranian Regime in order to free a wrongfully jailed British charity worker.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a project manager with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, was sentenced to five years in jail in September 2016 on the bogus charge of attempting to overthrow the Regime and spying for a foreign power.

Iranian Regime Tries to Cover Devastating Reality of Earthquake Disaster

Navid Felker 16 November 2017

by Navid  Felker

In the aftermath of the horrific tragedy that struck Iran late on Sunday, the Iranian regime has all but abandoned the people that need help urgently. After the devastating earthquake hit the country, the Iranian government, bar a few sympathetic tweets, has failed to react appropriately. Instead, it is trying to cover up the reality of the devastation and is trying to suppress the demonstrations that are taking place in solidarity of all those affected.

Consequences of a War Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Navid Felker 15 November 2017

by Navid Felker

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia are reaching new heights. Saudi Arabia has now set its targets on Iran’s ally Hezbollah. Many say that military conflict is imminent.

The disputes between the two nations are deep-rooted and have been going on for years. It is based on political, economic and sectarian rivalry. Iran is resentful of Saudi Arabia’s role in the loss of shares in the energy market when sanctions were reimposed.

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