Iran Regime's MP: In Response to New US Sanctions, 20% Enrichment Should Be Launched

31 July 2017

On July 28, 2017, member of Iranian regime parliament, mullah Mousavi Largani, said: “If the new sanctions are approved by the US Congress, a plan should be drawn up to oblige the government to place 20% enrichment (of uranium) on the agenda.”

He added that new sanctions against Iran regime have been approved by the US Congress, while Tramp has accused the regime of violating the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) in recent days...

United States Imposes Further Sanctions on Iran

19 July 2017

Earlier this week, the United States applied more sanctions on Iran. These economic sanctions are related to the country’s ballistic missile program and its belligerence across the Middle East, actions which the Trump administration says undercut anything positive from the nuclear deal. 

These latest actions are a demonstration from the Trump administration that the United States will keep pressuring Iran for as long as necessary while keeping the 2015 nuclear deal intact.

Iranian Regime Cannot Reform from Within

14 July 2017

The Iranian regime is facing crisis after crisis and has been severely weakened over the course of the past few months. One of its biggest threats, and fears, is the Iranian Resistance which is growing in strength and numbers. It has unprecedented support which became evident at its latest annual “Free Iran” gathering in Paris which took place at the beginning of July. 

At the gathering, hundreds of former senators, parliamentarians, prominent politicians and human rights advocates gave speeches. In reference to claims that the Iranian regime needs a chance to reform from within, the speakers pointed out that this will never happen.

Iran's Provocations Need to Be Curbed Immediately

13 July 2017

In a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that there would be a “peaceful transition” of power in Iran with the help of elements inside the country. On top of this, there was an almost unanimous Senate vote regarding a bill named “Countering Iran's Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017”. The bill condemns the Iranian regime’s ballistic missile program, its destabilising activities in the Middle East and its human rights violations. 

This is the first time in decades a US Secretary of State has spoken so explicitly about regime change. It is also the first time that there has been such a strong support – 98 out of 100 votes – for a bill regarding Iran’s belligerence.

New US-Russia Syrian Cease-Fire Deal Has Iran's Consent

12 July 2017

On Friday, July 7th, after Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ended their first in Hamburg, a US official said, “The United States, Russia and regional countries reached a ceasefire deal in southwestern Syria.” His statement was made in reference to Iran and its consent to a ceasefire that went into effect Sunday, July 9.

Iranian Resistance Grows as Regime Suffers Setbacks

12 July 2017

Over recent months drastic changes that affect Iran have occurred.

•With the election of Donald Trump, legislation has been called for to impose new economic sanctions for Iran’s support for terrorism and its development of ballistic missiles.

•Additionally, Iraqi troops and Syrian rebel groups backed by U.S. forces have pushed back ISIS.

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