Iran: Even Judges Do Not Consider Khamenei as a Marja "Religious Reference"

Editor 07 December 2017

Staff writer, SF

A member of Iran regime's Guardian Council, said to the crowd of trainees at the Judiciary Training Center that the judges' verdicts should be based on the laws of the country, and if there were no laws in a specific matter, judges should refer to the fatwa of a famous religious reference authority.

Iran's Deadly Influence in Yemen

Armin Baldwin 07 December 2017

by Armin Baldwin 

When former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh announced that he was formally cancelling his alliance with the Houthi rebels, he was pretty much guaranteeing that he would be the target of an assassination attempt. Saleh was assassinated by Houthi rebels two days after he announced his decision and videos of his bloody and lifeless body were spread across social media.

Students Protest Suppression and Discrimination in Iran's Universities

Armin Baldwin 07 December 2017

by Armin Baldwin

Students at several major Iranian universities are protesting against political suppression, gender discrimination, and increased tuition.

On Monday, what began at Tehran University, Beheshti, Kharazmi, and Allameh Tabatabaei Universities in the capital, had by Tuesday, and expanded to several other institutions. Hundreds of students at each university have gathered for the second day in a row.

GCC Blasts Houthis as Summit Ends

Azita Carlson 07 December 2017

by Azita Carlson

As they wrapped up an annual summit on Tuesday, the Gulf Cooperation Council blasted Yemen's Houthi rebels and Iran. However, they did not discuss the Qatar crisis, said to be the worst in the bloc's history.

In a joint declaration, the six-nation regional alliance affirmed the importance of preserving the GCC's existence, which was allegedly threatened by a bitter dispute between its members.

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