Monday May 29, 2017

Iran - Woman Recieves Death Sentence for Demonstration Photography

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Farah Vazehan was arrested in her home along with her two children.  She spent a month is solitary dententions run by Intelligance Ministry.  She was then sent to Evin prison after a staged television interview and confession making. Mrs. VAzehan currently stays at the womens’ ward of Evin prison.

About Mrs. Vazehan’s children it is said that they both stayed some time in solitary prison and were forced to make confessions against their mother. 

Taking films and pictures of the demonstrations and having contact with exile opposition groups and media outside of Iran are the main charges against Farah Vazehan. 

Human Rights Activists reports that Mrs. Vazehan’s uncle was executed during the 1980s.

Mrs. Vazehan’s lawyer and family have objected the death sentence issued.

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