Sunday June 25, 2017

Turkish Ambassador Says Iran Should Be Contained

The new Turkish ambassador to Israel, Kemal Okem, said that Turkey and Israel agree that there is need for concern with regards to Iran’s ambitions in the Middle East and its potential to be nuclear armed. However, he said that the two countries have differing views regarding strategy. 

He said to the Jerusalem Post that Turkey, very concerned about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, believes that containment - rather than isolation - is the only way to deal with Iran. He said that the shared border is a factor in this.


Iran's Deadly Role in Syrian Civil War

When peaceful demonstrations started in Syria by the people who wanted true democracy, Iran quickly saw an opportunity and stepped in to back Bashar Assad. 

Iran places great importance on Syria, considering it Iran’s 35th province because of its strategic significance. The Iranian regime has put tremendous effort into propping the Syrian dictator and has sent its own Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to fight on the front lines and to keep its reach towards the Mediterranean and the Lebanese Hezbollah.


Pakistani Man on Trial for Spying on Behalf of Iran

A 31 year-old Pakistani man identified only as Syed Mustufa H. was arrested at the beginning of the year in Germany. His charge – gathering information for possible Jewish assassination targets for Iran’s Quds Force.

His trial started last week in the German capital but he remained silent throughout. His lawyer explained that he did not speak “out of fear”. The situation does not look good for Syed because the evidence is compelling and the charges of scoping out targets for Iran and carrying out espionage on its behalf against France and Germany is altogether very serious.


Iranian Citizenship Will Be Granted to Mercenaries Fighting for Assad in Syria

The Head of the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs announced that the Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, ordered the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) to grant Iranian citizenship to the mercenaries fighting in Syria.

Mohammad Ali Shahidi said in an interview on Sunday that Khamenei asked him to grant Iranian citizenship to the Fatemiyoun Division forces, Afghan mercenaries and Pakistani mercenaries from the Zainebiyoun Brigade who are fighting in Syria on behalf of Assad.

Khamenei has said that Iran is “obliged” to welcome these fighters to the country and said that they should be granted citizenship and covered under the Foundation of Martyrs.


Should Iran's IRGC Be Designated as a Terrorist Organisation?

Iran is continuing with its habit of provoking the United States. Recently, Iranian vessels approached a US Navy ship in international waters causing the US to fire warning shots. 

Iran is testing the United States and the resolve of its President. 

Trump and numerous officials in his administration have spoken again Iran and its provocations and aggression and have vowed to ensure this changes. The US has declared itself committed to making sure Iran faces consequences if, or when, it violates the terms of the nuclear deal or United Nations sanctions.


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