Sunday August 20, 2017

Nikki Haley: Iran Chief Culprit of Trouble in the Middle East

The US representative to the United Nations - Ambassador Nikki Haley – was the chair at the latest UN Security Council debate regarding the situation in the Middle East. At these meetings, Israel is always discussed, and not often in a positive light. 

However, Haley wanted this latest debate to be different. She acknowledged that it was essential that an Israeli-Palestinian solution was negotiated, but said that the debate has a tendency to get nowhere.


Iran Regime's War Against the International Community and U.N. Conventions

A Paris conference recently weighed the critical situation in Yemen and the possibility of establishing peace.

General Ahmed al-Asiri, an advisor to the Saudi Defense Minister and spokesman of the Arab coalition provided further explanations in this regard and referred to Iran’s meddling throughout the region.


Is Iran a Bigger Threat Than Syria and North Korea?

Syria and North Korea are a large concern for the Trump administration but Syria’s civil war has created a greater concern.  Millions of refugees have fled, and continue to flee the war in Syria. Diseases like polio, once thought to be extinct, have been revived, and the country has become a haven for Islamic State terrorists, as well.  

And yet, according to Jennifer Rubin in her article for the Washington Post, “these should be lesser concerns in the bigger scheme.”


Iran Standing in the Way of Resolution in Syria

At the minute, the US and the Russian governments are debating about the future of Syria and how to proceed. One of the main points of discussion is regarding the withdrawal of Hezbollah and other militias. The US has made it clear that all armed forces from abroad that are supporting the Syrian regime need to leave. First and foremost, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah and Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani militias.

The United States had as good as agreed that the Russian project aiming to end the conflict politically in Syria regardless of the survival of Bashar al-Assad was the way to move forward. But then the chemical weapons attack on Khan Shaykhun happened.


Iran Finally Getting Resistance From the US

The war in Syria can no longer be described as a civil war. A more accurate description would be a clash of coalitions and opposing blocs. Iran’s presence in Syria is by far the most dangerous. In fact, in Iran’s involvement in propping the Syrian dictator up, Assad ironically seems to play a very small role. The Iranian regime is commanding Assad’s troops and has a much higher ratio of forces. 

Iran, with its huge financial wealth and the copious number of weapons that goes with it, has deployed jihadist agents all over the region to help in its domination of the Middle East.


Who is Hassan Rouhani?


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