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Saturday May 27, 2017

Count down to 2012, the Year of the Dragon

SF News – Organizers of the Hong Kong New Year Celebrations which will be broadcast worldwide via satellite invite their audiences to tune in to see the “flying Dragon Leap for a Prosperous 2012”. 

The Hong Kong New Year Countdown will last a whole 4 minutes ending with a “golden dragon” spiral up.  More than 400, 000 people are expected to show up for the event that cost nearly a million Dollars.


Surge of Brazilians Coming to America

SF News – The United States State Department says that the number of Brazilians who requested travel visa’s to the US rose 42 percent comparing to the year 2010.  The department processed a record number of 820,000 visa applications at its Mission to Brazil last year, says a statement posted on State Department’s website.

To deal with the surge the department has had to deploy temporary employees to US Embassy in Brasilia and to US Consulates in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife cities until permanent ones can be sent in. 


Habitable Planet Found Similar to Earth - NASA

SF News – Kepler, NASA’s planet hunting Telescope has spotted a planet with many similarities to earth including that it may contain water, land, and life. 

NASA says that the temperature on the planet surface is about 72 degrees Fahrenheit and its sun is very similar to our own sun.  The planet orbits its sun at a distance which is considered habitable.   At this range liquid water can exist on surface of the planet.


Car Maker To Encourage Electric Car Usage

SF News – The idea of being able to use an electric car in replacement of current fossil fuel ones in many ways is attractive.  One most important of all could be that, mankind can once again breathe fresh air.  And with all the troubles in the Middle East and gasoline price hikes, the idea of using electric cars is beginning to sound quite attractive to car buyers nowadays.  But when it gets to filling up the gas tank (sorry charging the battery), not everyone wants to deal with the problems coming with an electric car. 

There are two main obstacles in the way of using electricity rather than gas to make your car go.  First is that it take much longer for a battery to be charged (at least for now) than a gas tank to be filed. Second would be the availability of battery charge stations (rather than gas stations).

It seems now car makers are stepping in to solve this problem or at least take a step forward in that direction.


Up Coming 'Northern Lights' Spectacle - Visible In Many Places on Earth

SF News - A large sunspot directed toward our planet caused a spectacular view of what is called aurora or ‘northern lights’ in southern US last week.  But a space watch website, predicts that even more people around the world may be able to take a glimpse at the nature’s lightshow over the next two weeks.

The northern lights or aurora phenomenon is caused by the collision of charged particles with earth’s atmosphere in the high altitude.   These particles are contained in what is called the solar wind.

The large sunspot that occurred last week unleashed solar flares toward our planet containing highly charged particles in large amounts.


Google Gives 100 Million Dollars for YouTube Program Production

SF News – Google is giving away a total of $100 Million to producers to come up with YouTube original programming, reported Associated Press from people familiar with the matter.

The money is an advance on advertising income Google expects the new entertainment venture will bring in. 

YouTube is a popular online Video depository owned by Google which enables users to upload and watch videos.  While many of the users are armature videographers, there are some professional content creators on the medium who actively contribute videos through YouTube content channels. 


Iran Working to Start Domestic IPTV

SF News – Iranian Communication ministry says it is determined to start a television channel broadcast over the internet based on IPTV technology within the next 4 years.  The service is expected to attract some 7 million domestic subscribers, says the Iranian Communication body.

IPTV is the technology that uses an internet broadband network and the Internet Protocol known as the TCP/IP as means to broadcast television programming.  The technology is already known in the west and is widely used specially with Video on Demand services.

Iranian television viewers are increasingly turning away from Iran’s state-sponsored programs to those originating from foreign countries.  Satellite television has had a great success in Iran and the theocratic rulers in that country are having a hard time collecting satellite dishes on top of buildings.  Watching satellite TV in Iran is forbidden and owning a satellite dish is punishable by law.


Iranian Cargo Boat Carrying Oil Industry equipment sinks in Persian Gulf

Stop Fundamentalism - Iranian cargo boat carrying Oil drilling equipment sinks in the Persian Gulf claiming at least 7 lives. Six others are reportedly trapped inside the boat under the water, 70 meters below the surface.

The incident took place yesterday and rescue efforts still continue as Iranian media reports indicate. There were 73 people on board the cargo boat from whom 60 have been rescued already and 7 have been confirmed dead. Rescue efforts to save the six trapped crew members continue at the moment.

Iranian reports say that the sinking has been due to technical issues but some sources more specifically described overloading to be the main cause of sinking. The boat sank just 15 miles away from its destination.


Ultra High Definition TV is not so far away

SF News - Ultra high-definition television (UHDTV) was demonstrated earlier this month by a Japanese public service broadcaster NHK at the ITU.  The technology has taken a major step forward to becoming reality in light of agreement on specification by technology’s leading experts, said ITU in a press release yesterday.


Iran Wins Bahrain 6-0 Secures Top Spot in Group E Asian Qualifiers for Brazil 2014 World Cup Games

SF News - Iran’s national Football team in its third match of Group E of the Asian Qualifier games for the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup games beats Bahrain 6-0 today to regain top spot in Group E Qualifier chart.  The country had lost the spot to Qatar earlier last week.  The game was played in Tehran Azadi Stadium at the presence of 83 thousand football fans, report the Iranian news agencies.

In the same Group earlier the Iranian team has tied a game with Qatar and also had a victory over Indonesia’s national team. 

Iran’s Coach Carlos Queiroz , former Portugal national team coach who is now heading the Iranian national team, told reporters that the victory showed Iran has powerful football capabilities.


Iran Wins Palestine, Eyes Bahrain Match in World Cup Qualifier

SF News – Iranian media brag about thier Football (Soccer) team’s 7-0 win yesterday against Palestine in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in preparation of the upcoming match on October 11 against Bahrain, in Group E qualifier for Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Football games.

The qualifying match will also be held at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran next Tuesday.


Iranian Football Team Prepares for Brazil 2014 World Cup Games




SF News – To prepare for its October 11 World Cup Football (Soccer) FIFA qualifying match against Bahrain, Iran is to play a friendly warm-up game against Palestinians Wednesday at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.

Palestinians have already arrived in Tehran and will be practicing in Azadi Stadium Tuesday evening.


Aide Supply Shortage for Pakistan Flood Victims: UN


Stop Fundamentalism – The humanitarian aide agencies could be running out of supplies and resources to help flood victims in Pakistan, says the United Nations. 

UN estimates a total of five million people in South Pakistan affected by floods. 

The funding request by United Nations to come to the aide of the government of Pakistan in addressing the needs of victims, has only received $19 million of the original $357 million requested after two weeks.  The budget was requested to cover for a six months period.


Iran’s Home Grown Gmail is called Chmail

SF News – Said Salarian, a deputy to Iran’s Informatics Council introduced a Farsi language free email system, yesterday called “chmail”. The Online service is expected to begin operation in mid December.

Salarian highlighted that the will be no need to identification cards in order to sign up for the service.


Barbi Decorated School Bags are a Hot Item in Iran

SF - With the schools opening on September 21 in Iran, reports say that school bags with markings and pictures of the popular western doll Barbi has been a hot selling item.

The Items are usually with very low quality and are imported from East Asia.


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