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Saturday April 29, 2017

Tech Companies Turn to Wearable Technology as Windows 8 Fails to Boost PC Sales

SF News - Windows 8 failed to boost PC sales and now vendors are scrambling to find the next big thing. Companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, LG and Microsoft are all said to be interested in wearable technology, and according to The Guardian, Dell is "exploring ideas in that space" as well.



Vine Challenging Instagram Video Service

Twitter's Vine has announced new features in order to compete in the online video and photo services .



Video - Brazil Protests Continue, World Cup Second Issue

The fallout from the recent wave of protests that shook Brazil was felt even in the bucolic colonial town where the country's main literary festival was in full swing Friday.


Twisted Light Beam Technology Helps Carry More Data

AFP -  A new fiber optic technology could increase internet bandwidth capacity by sending data along light beams that twist like a tornado rather than move in a straight line, say scientists.


UN Wants Moratorium on Building of Killing Robots (LAR)

SF News – UN Special repporteur Christof Heyns in a meeting of UN Human Rights Council expressed concern about the development of killing robots by various countries that would be able to kill humans without any intervention by another human being.  He called for a worldwide moratorium on the development of such weapons.


NASA Curiosity Rover Finds Rat on Mars?

SF News – A picture taken by the NASA’s Curiosity rover from Mars surface has some space and extra-terrestrial life enthusiasts cheering and wondering if they are actually looking at a Martian rat.


Ancient Ruins of Lost City “la Ciudad Blanca” Found Deep inside Rainforest

SF News - A light detection technology that uses laser light sent downward from a slow moving plane to capture pictures of the rainforest under vegetation, revealed images of a possible lost city deep inside the Honduran rainforests.  The images of the city show canals, roads, building foundations and agricultural land in the surrounding.


Kepler-76b (Einstein's planet) Discovered by Use of Relativity

Fox News - Einstein's special relativity has proven more useful than ever, as scientists have now used it to discover an alien planet around another star.


Famous People Live Shorter Lives

SF News – Stars live shorter than ordinary people, says a study done of obituaries in US newspapers.


Kepler Telescope Finds Planets Capable of Hosting Extraterrestrial Life

SF News – Three planets have been discovered recently by NASA’s Kepler telescope that scientists consider to be best candidates yet for having some sort of life form on them.


US To Station Laser Weapons near Iran in Persian Gulf

Stop Fundamentalism – Newly designed laser weapons are being mounted on ships weighing over 50 tons that are stationed in the Persian Gulf region near Iran in view of possible future conflicts with this country, say Al-Arabia news.


Travel to Mars in 30 Days – Nuclear Fusion Technology Can Do It

SF News – A nuclear fusion-powered rocket could enable astronauts travel to Earth’s neighboring planet Mars at speeds considerably faster than before.  The current travel speeds using fuel rockets make Mars travel a journey of about four years but the new fusion technology being tested by researchers at the University of Washington promises that in 30 to 90 days.


Printable Living Tissue (Droplet Networks) Possible?

3D printer making living tissue-like material (droplet networks)

AFP - British scientists have used a custom-made 3D printer to make living tissue-like material that could one day serve medical purposes, according to findings released Thursday.


Finding Dory - Disney and Pixar Make a Sequel to Finding Nemo

Finding Dory by Disney Animations will be released in 2015

SF News – For those who loved Disney’s popular animation “Finding Nemo”, Dory, the little fish who accompanied Nemo’s father in his quest to find his son, is a familiar name.  The little goofy fish, that made friends with sharks, is swimming back her way into the big screen once again.


Is the Green Rock Really from Mercury? Some Disagree

By: Phil and Roslyn Heywood
“Scientists believe the first chunk of planet Mercury has landed on Earth.” (Australian Associated Press)   Mercury is exceptional in having a live planetary magnetic field – perhaps only one hundredth the ‘strength’ of Earth’s, but, unlike Venus, Mars, and asteroids, it has a field.  Remnant magnetism lingers in the rock of some bodies such as the moon and Mars.  Venus does not have any measured magnetism as a planet and pieces of Venus have not been positively identified as meteorites.


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