Iranian Women
Friday August 18, 2017

Iranian Regime Cracking Down on Mal-Veiled Women, Promising Punishments and Judicial Cases

Earlier this week, an Iranian regime prosecutor said that serious punishments would be handed out to women who are not properly veiled. 

The prosecutor of the Mazandaran province in the northern part of the country, Assadollah Ja’fari, said that women are forbidden from unveiling in their car and if they are found to do so their vehicle will be seized and a judicial case would be opened.


Iran: "Fire at Will" Order Targets Women

Remarks made by Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei that encouraged Basijis and soft-war officers to make independent decisions and take action at their own will, are having heavy consequences, and engendering an atmosphere of fear.

A warning has been issued by the coordination council of the Iranian Ansar-e Hezbollah that they will counter women's presence in sports stadiums with Khamenei's order to "fire at will.” These vigilantes have announced that allowing women into stadiums is against the Islamic law.


Iran: Amnesty International calls on Iranian authorities to immediately release prisoner of conscience

Amnesty International has made a call for immediate action regarding the imprisonment of Maryam Akbari Monfared, a prisoner of conscience who is serving a 15-year sentence at Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. She is currently facing reprisals after she filed an official complaint seeking justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre.


Iran: Human Rights Watch call for overturn of stadium restrictions for women

Human Rights Watch have published an article on their website concerning Iran’s right to host a volleyball tournament.  They say that the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) “should cease awarding Iran the right to host FIVB international tournaments until the country ensures that female spectators can freely attend volleyball matches in the country”.


Women face further and increasing repression in Iran

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) have reported about several more recent attacks against women in Iran.


Men join the fight against compulsory veiling in Iran - IBTimes

Men in Iran have been taking pictures of themselves wearing hijabs in solidarity with women in the Islamic republic who are forced to cover their hair, reports Harriet Sinclair of the International Business Times.

In a campaign organised by My Stealthy Freedom, which documents women without veils in protest against the compulsory hijab, men have been pictured covering their hair in support, following a recent crackdown on 'improperly dressed' women' by the country's morality police, IBTimes UK reported on Thursday.


Iran: Women banned from cycling in public

Harriet Sinclair has written an article in the International Business Times about the recent news that a group of women in Iran have been arrested “for the crime of riding a bike in a public place”. She also said that the women have been forced to sign a pledge in which they promise not to cycle in public again.


Leading Cleric says “Immorality among Iranian women has caused a river to dry up”.

A misogynistic Iranian cleric has announced that immoral behaviour in women is destroying the environment.

This immodest behaviour, including ‘improper veiling’ has reportedly caused a major Iranian river to dry up.


Political prisoner Maryam Akbari-Monfared denied medical treatment

There has been a continuing deterioration in the treatment of political prisoners in Iran since the time that Hassan Rouhani became president of the mullahs’ regime. This includes denying political prisoners the right to proper medical treatment when needed.


Woman sentenced to stoning, lashing and prison in Iran

 A woman has been sentenced to stoning, lashing, and 25 years imprisonment in northern Iran, local state media reported, in the run-up to International Human Rights Day.


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