Iran Protests & Uprising
Saturday May 27, 2017

Iran's Guardian Council Reject Rafsanjani's Bid to Run for President

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian authorities announced the names of eight candidates, qualified to run for the post of Islamic Republic's president, Tuesday evening, said the state-run Fars News website.


Iran: "The election comes, The Internet goes"

AFP - Iran is tightening control of the Internet ahead of next month's presidential election, mindful of violent street protests that social networkers inspired last time around over claims of fraud, users and experts say.


Earthquake Hits Iran City Near Nuclear Site

Stop Fundamentalism – A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit Iranian southern city of Kaki Monday, 60 miles away from Bushehr nuclear plant near Persian Gulf.


Iranian F-5 Fighter Jet Crash Kills Two Onboard

Stop Fundamentalism –An Iranian US-made F-5 fighter jet crashed and exploded in the South-west Mountains of Iran killing two crewmen onboard, Iranian officials announced Sunday.


Iran: Explosion in Shiraz Leaves 11 Killed or Injured


Stop Fundamentalism – A gas capsule explosion in a residential house in Shiraz killed 5 residents and injured at least six today, Iranian state-run television reported.


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