Human Rights
Sunday August 20, 2017

One Year Since British-Iranian Charity Worker Was Arrested

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a 38 year-old British-Iranian charity worker was arrested at Tehran airport on 3rd April last year following a visit to her family in Iran. She was with her daughter – Gabriella – at the time of her arrest. Gabriella is currently stranded in Iran, leaving her without access to her father in the United Kingdom because her passport was confiscated. Her grandparents (from her maternal side) are looking after her in Iran. 

The Iranian authorities have said that Ms. Zaghari-Ratcliffe was plotting to topple the government and in September she was sentenced to five years in prison. Maintaining her innocence, she launched an appeal but it was rejected in January. Her official charge is unknown, even to Ms. Zaghari-Ratcliffe herself, but media in Iran is reporting that “one of the chief members of networks of adversary institutions, who – with the direction and support of foreign media and espionage services – has committed her criminal acts over the past few years”.


U.N. Special Human Rights Rapporteur on Iran's Mission Extended

Despite the Iranian regime’s efforts, the UN Human Rights Council approved on Friday March 24 the resolution suggested by Sweden, United States, Macedonia, and Moldavia to extend the mission of Asma Jahangir, the UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur in Iran.

The draft resolution was approved on Friday with 22 votes in favor, 12 votes against and 13 abstentions, while Iranian regime’s representative called it ‘political and biased’.


Report to Human Rights Council Regarding Abysmal Human Rights Situation in Iran

A report submitted to the Human Rights Council highlights the numerous abuses of human rights that are carried out in Iran. 

It points out that there were at least 530 executions carried out in Iran during the 2016 period, highlighting that most of these were for minor drug-related offences. 

In Iran, many prisoners are denied fair trial rights including basic due process. For example, prisoners are left incommunicado for long periods, and spend excessive amounts of time in pre-trial detainment.


Amnesty International Calls for Immediate Release of Prisoners of Conscience in Iranian Prisons

A call for urgent action has been issued by Amnesty International regarding Arash Sadeghi, a prisoner of conscience and a human rights defender who is being tortured and denied medical care by officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). 

Arash has a stomach ulcer that has resulted in digestive complications, internal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. Doctors say he needs urgent and extensive medical care.


Iran: Number of Suicides Increasing

The heart-breaking stories of young people committing suicide in Iran are becoming more and more frequent. They are testament to the difficulty of social conditions in Iran and are a result of state-mandated misogyny.

On 24th January this year, a young 26 year-old woman and future engineer, was arrested by regime officials. While she was in prison she was sexually abused. The day after she was released she killed herself.


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