Sunday August 20, 2017

Iran Nuclear Deal: The Two Choices

It was announced by the US last month that Iran is technically adhering to the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. Every 90 days, the US must carry out a review and certify that the terms are being respected. This was the first one carried out by the Trump administration. 

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that although Iran is complying, there is a long list of actions that need to be addressed.


Supreme Leader of Iran Urges Next President to Rely Less on the West

As the 19th May elections are approaching, claims are being made from all factions of the Iranian regime regarding future policies and the future president. The latest comments from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are regarding Iran’s relationship with the West. He said on state TV earlier this week: “The candidates should promise to focus on national capabilities and domestic capacities to resolve the economic issues ... rather than looking abroad.”


The Iran and Russian Alliance

Following the US decision to launch a military strike in Syria, relations between Iran and Russia have been strengthening. The Defence Minister of Iran is expected to go to Russia before the end of April to discuss military cooperation. 

They want their military cooperation to show strength and to deter the US from taking action in the Middle East.


Iran's Nuclear Program Continues as It Did Before the Nuclear Deal

Last week, President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson both announced that Iran was violating the spirit of the nuclear deal, despite technically adhering to its terms. The Trump administration announced that more action would be taken once a comprehensive review of Iran’s behaviour was carried out. 

It was on Tuesday that Tillerson announced to Congress that Iran’s compliance had been certified.


Iran: Reports of infightings among rival factions for regime’s presidency continue

In spite of governmental warnings to presidential candidates on the ground that they "should not be providing food to counter-revolutionaries", gang-fighting to claim the presidency continues within Iranian regime’s various factions. It is reported that some well-known candidates, who are enrolled in any way and manner, are trying to get their accreditation.

They have threatened that if they did not get approved, they will use the method of open revelations, which would inflame the public.


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