Arab Spring
Sunday April 30, 2017

Arab League and Turkey on Syrian Crisis

Stop Fundamentalism - Arab league members and Turkey jointly called for immediate protection of protesters in Syria as Assad regime’s violence against them continues.  The foreign ministers had come together in Rabat for a crisis meeting on Syria to plan on how to stop further bloodshed in that country.

The statement released in Rabat today also urged for non-interference by foreign countries. There have been reports of bus loads of tugs and militias coming in to Syria from Iraq to help Assad crackdown on Syrian demonstrators.  Iran and Iraq have been outspoken supporters of Assad regime since the start of uprising in that country back in March.

21 people were killed in Syria today by gunshots fired by security forces in various parts of the country, said Aljazeera television.


Syria’s Opposition Welcomes Arab Decision, Foreign Embassies Ransacked by Assad Supporters

Stop Fundamentalism - Following Arab League decision to suspend Syrian government if it does not comply with calls by the group to stop crackdown on its people and allow for a smooth transition of power by Wednesday, the Syrian National Council welcomed Arab countries siding with the Syrian people and their struggle to achieve freedom.

Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, chairman of the Syrian opposition Transitional National Council told an Arabic news program that the vote on Saturday was a political victory for the Syrian people and a major setback for Bashar Al-Assad’s regime

“It is everyone’s aim to topple the regime in Syria and we are on our way to form the National government,” said Ghalioun to Aljazeera TV reporter.


Arab League Suspends Syria’s Membership unless Peace Plan Implemented

Stop Fundamentalism – Arab League members met today in Cairo to evaluate the situation in Syria.  The group of countries decided to suspend Syrian’s membership in the league within 4 days if President Bashar Al-Assad continues to defy the international community in ending the violence against his people and stop the massive crackdown on dissent in that country.

The suspension will go into effect if Assad’s government does not submit to the peace plan designed to end violence started back in March in which over 3500 people have been killed up until now by government forces, according to the latest tally by United Nations.

Arab League also called for more economic and political sanctions to be imposed on Syria and for discussion channels to be opened with this country’s opposition, facilitating transition of power.


Death Toll in Syria Over 3500 Says UN Agency

Stop Fundamentalism – A spokeswoman for the office of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights updated the death toll for victims of the Syrian government’s crackdown on its people to 3500 people, today.

Ravina Shamdasani, who was speaking to reporters in Geneva at OHCHR, said that, “We are deeply concerned about the situation and by the (Syrian) Government's failure to take heed of international and regional calls for an end to the bloodshed.”

The Syrian troops have been using tanks and heavy artillery to pound cities and civilians in a bid to control the unrest.  Some cities remain under siege for days now, said Shamdasani.


Iran wants to be Role Model for Arab Spring Nations

Stop Fundamentalism – Head of Iranian Islamic Culture and Communication Agency, Mohammad Bagher Khoramshad, told reporters today that the Islamic Republic is ready to share its experience and scientific accomplishments with the Muslim people of Egypt.   This is yet another attempt by Iranian officials to show their aspiration to expand their version of Islamic government in nations that are freeing themselves from dictatorships in Arab Spring.

Since the Arab Spring started Iranian regime has not tried to hid its interest to be a role modle for the people of the region to follow.  But recently even the most fanatic Islamic groups in the region are keeping distance and expressing despise from the regime.


Syrian Unrest Continues to Claim Lives

Stop Fundamentalism – At least 30 protesters died in Syrian cities across the country today in clashes between government security forces and demonstrators, activists reported to Associated Press.  Most deaths apear to have taken place in the city of Homs.

The United Nations last estimated that the number of those killed in Syria by government forces since the demonstrations began in mid March is over 3000.


UN Updates Syrian Protests Death Toll to 2900

Stop Fundamentalism – A day after a United Nations Security Council draft resolution, strongly worded to condemn Syrian government’s violence against its own people, is vetoed by Russian and China, the United Nations’ human rights office raises the official death toll in Syrian protests to 2900 today.  The outbreak of protests and demonstrations happened back in March and many more people have been arrested and tortured since then.

“The total number has passed 2900 according to the list of individual names we have been compiling,” said Rupert Colville from the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights to the UN News reporter.  He added that the previews tally stood at 2700 according to UN official records.


China and Russia Veto Security Council Draft Resolution on Syrian Protesters Crackdown

Stop Fundamentalism – A strong condemnation on the Crackdown on Syrian pro-democracy protesters by the government of Bashar Al-Assad in the United Nations Security Council has been voted down by Russia and China today, reports the UN New Center.

Over 2700 people have been killed since the break out of popular protests in Syria in March and many have been detained and tortured in jails by the government authorities in that country in an attempt to clampdown on the protests.

Recent fallouts of the Syrian army have been forming armed groups to resist against military forces of Bashar Assad as a development that could raise the protests into a nationwide armed conflict for freedom.


Syrian Activists and Protesters in Europe and US Harassed: Amnesty International

Stop Fundamentalism – Amnesty International reported Monday that the Syrian intelligence agents in Europe and the United States have been monitoring, threatening and harassing dissidents living in these countries who voice their concerns about the treatment their countrymen receive at the hands of Bashar Al-Assad forces.

30 activists in eight countries have approached Amnesty International complaining threats and harassments they received from embassy officials.  Some say their relatives in Syria have been subject to harassments, detention and torture due to their activities abroad.

The dissidents interviewed by Amnesty lived in Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA. 


International Right Groups Want Strong Stance on Syria by UN

Stop Fundamentalism – International right groups are calling on all United Nations Security Council Ambassadors to support a strong resolution on violations of human rights in Syria by Bashar Al-Assad’s government against Syrian protesters and dissidents. 

In a joint letter, eight international watch and advocacy groups expressed concern over ongoing violations in Syria that would very likely “amount to crimes against humanity.”

“Since mass protests began in mid-March,” wrote in their joint letter, the groups said, “The United Nations has estimated at least 2600 civilians have been killed across Syria.” 


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