Middle East
Sunday July 23, 2017

Demands seeking lifting of medical siege on Camp Liberty Iranians

During an event titled “Right to access to medical care” held on February 20, calls were made  in favour of lifting the cruel medical siege on Camp Liberty, which has severely added to the many hardships faced by unarmed residents.

Iraq must end Camp Liberty fuel blockage

The suffering or Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty continues as for the fifth straight week, Iraqi agents continue to prevent the entry of gasoline to the camp. It is a sad state of affairs in Camp Liberty, with an already on-going  medical blockade of Camp Liberty which has cost the lives of 22 Iranian dissidents. There are reports of psychological tortures as well, with speakers erected by the Iraqi authorities that emit sound, continually disrupting the rest and sleep of the residents.

Religious Wars of the Velayat-e faqih in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

The Velayat-e faqih regime in Iran has been speaking out against the destruction of the religious sites in Iraq by the militants of the Islamic State (IS). While the destruction of these sites is indeed deplorable, and the outrage is well placed, we must be cognizant that this is being used as an excuse by the Iranian government to unleash its Shi’ite militias- not for the protection of Shi’ite sites and people, but the destruction of Sunni groups as well as a major hold in Central Iraq.

Another Massacre at Camp Ashraf: Iraqi Forces Kill 52 Iranian Dissidents

Horrifying Image shows camp’s clinic patients all shot to death during the execution style raid on residents

Iraqi security forces carried out a “massacre” of 52 unarmed Iranian dissidents early Sunday at their camp north of Baghdad, the Iranian exiles said.

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