Sunday July 23, 2017

Iran, Mujahedin-e Khalq, and the US State Department

Hamid Yazdanpanah:

At the end of June, the world watched as Iran test-fired 14 medium range missiles capable of reaching US and Israeli bases in the Middle East.  According to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Iran has also been carrying out covert missile tests, “including testing of missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload.” In Syria, the Islamic Republic exercises its influence by assisting the worn-down Assad regime in brutally suppressing the Syrian people.  And in Iraq, we continue to see the hand of the Iranian regime in the ongoing violent insurgency, as well as in Maliki’s government.

Tehran’s growing influence indicates a failure of Western policy towards the Islamic Republic. The policy of the United States and the European Union towards Iran has consistently been timid, often reminiscent of Europe’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler with the Munich Pact. The history of Western relations with Iran since the Revolution of 1979 shows continuous attempts by the West to reach out to the mullah’s regime with the hope of finding some favorability, only to see the mullahs rebuff those overtures. And what has consistently been a go-to practice in appeasing Tehran? The harassment and terrorist listing of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK).


Washington Policy Group Reveals Undisclosed Iranian Nuclear Site

Stop Fundamentalism – A planned press conference by Iran Policy Committee in Washington D.C. Thursday will reveal a new previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear site, reports Iran Focus.

The information will be released at a press conference held by the IPC.  The source of the information, the Iranian main opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran(PMOI/MEK), is the same source that originally tipped the existence of an Iranian clandestine nuclear program back in 2002 and uncovered Iranian nuclear sites such as Natanz uranium enrichment facility and the Arak heavy-water plant.

Iran – Three Day War Games in Progress – Missiles being Tested

Stop Fundamentalism, Sept 27, 2009 – The Iranian regime is testing a new range of missiles during a two day drill named ‘The Great Profit”, Says the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force.  “The maneuver has three phases, one that has begun on Sunday morning, September 27. The second phase will be Mullahs Watching Missile Launchat Sunday night and on Monday, the third phase will take place,” continued Salami.

 According to sources, the first phase will include the Fateh-110 short range missiles and also the marine ‘Thunder-69.  The surface-to-surface Zalzal series could also be part of the test.

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