Friday April 28, 2017

Security Council: Iran Must Prove It Has Peaceful Nuclear Intentions

Stop Fundamentalism – Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council called on Iran Thursday to fulfill its obligations and ensure the international community of the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. They expressed concern about Tehran’s failure to act on United Nations’ resolutions.


Iran Desperate To End Western Sanctions

Stop Fundamentalism – Following Istanbul P5+1 negotiation with Iranian authorities on the country’s nuclear program, Iranian officials continue to call on the west to call off the international sanctions on its oil and banking system.  The sanctions were devised to force Iran to abandon its clandestine nuclear development which many believe has military aims. 


Iran Has to Demonstrate it is serious: Secretary Clinton

Stop Fundamentalism – In her remarks during a press conference at the State Department, following the G8 ministerial meeting in Washington, Secretary Clinton warned ahead of talks with Iran in Istanbul, scheduled for this weekend that, “Iran, in coming to the table, needs to demonstrate that they are serious.”

The P5+1 meeting with Iran in Istanbul will be for the western countries to persuade Iran to stop its nuclear program which many say is aimed to develop weapons.


Swiss Imposes Asset Freeze on 11 Iranian Entities


Stop Fundamentalism – Eight Iranian companies and three individuals were sanctioned by the Swiss authorities Tuesday, reports the Swiss News Agency, SDA.   Financial assets and other belongings of these entities will be blocked in accordance with the new measure. Swiss companies and individuals are forbidden to have any financial dealings with these individuals.


Iran Is Removing Earth At Suspicious Nuclear Site

Stop Fundamentalism -  Satellite Images of the Iranian disputed nuclear site, Parchin, are the cause concern among nuclear experts and diplomats accredited by the UN nuclear agency, IAEA, said Associated Press on Friday.  Pictures show trucks and heavy machinery removing earth at the Parchin military site.  The activities are a sign that Iran is planning a cover-up of its nuclear tests at this location.


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