Friday April 28, 2017

Iran Parliament Calls to Close Strait of Hormuz

Stop fundamentalism – An urgent legislation has been approved by the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee to encourage the Iranian government to close the straits of Hormuz to oil cargo headed for countries that are participating in the Iranian oil sanctions in Europe.


Iran Fears IAEA Amano’s Visit to Tehran will Effect Baghdad Talks

Stop Fundamentalism – An internal IRGC report considers Amano’s urgent travel to Iran very important. “On the surface, Amano and his accompanying delegation are coming to Iran to talk about modalities of solving issues specially regarding the Parchin site,” says the report warning that, “however, It seems the place where these discussions are intended to be used is in Baghdad.”


De Welt: Iran Accelerating Nuclear Bomb Efforts

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian dissidents revealed today that Iran’ theocratic government is mounting efforts to acquire nuclear bomb while talks on this issue between the country and western powers continue, reports German De Welt.


Drawing Reveals Iran’s Nuclear Bomb Test Chamber at Parchin

Nuclear Bomb Test Chamber at Parchin

Stop Fundamentalism - A drawing of a nuclear explosion test chamber handed to Associated Press by an unknown official of a country concerned about Iran’s advancement in producing a nuclear bomb, proves Iran is testing with nuclear explosives.  The test chamber is identified to be built and hidden at the much debated “Parchin” nuclear site which is located inside a military zone in Iran and is heavily guarded.


International Nuclear Inspector Dies in Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – A member of the International Atomic Energy Agency inspections team in Iran has reportedly died in Iran due to a car crash near Arak nuclear site, says Iranian state-run news website, Tehran Times. Another inspector is also injured but there has be no immediate report about his condition.


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