Saturday August 19, 2017

US lawmakers to introduce new Iran sanctions bill

The US senate is in the process of reintroducing sanctions on Iran in their legislation, ones that would keep them always under a close inquiry. A specialized committee is expected to vote in the next few weeks on a bill authored by Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and Republican Senator Mark Kirk that would increase sanctions on the current Iranian regime, if the nuclear negotiations fail with them.

100-Page nuclear report reveals Iran lying on nuclear activities

The West must make 'no concessions' to Iran in its nuclear negotiations because the regime has no intention of halting its ambitions to obtain a nuclear bomb, a conference in Brussels has been told.

Iran's leaders have a 'strategy of deception' aimed at tricking the international community into believing it is halting its nuclear project, delegates heard.

Iran's reactor said damaged by quakes

AP - Several countries monitoring Iran's nuclear program have picked up information that the country's only power-producing nuclear reactor was damaged by one or more of several recent earthquakes, with long cracks appearing in at least one section of the structure, two diplomats said Tuesday.


U.S. Targets Iran with More Sanctions

Reuters - The United States on Monday ratcheted up its efforts to isolate Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons program, targeting Tehran with currency and auto-sector sanctions.

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