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Sunday July 23, 2017

International Panel Calls Iranian Resistance Movement "Viable Path" to Regime Change

Speakers from different countries, from political and academic backgrounds, formed three panels to discuss Iran and the problems its regime poses for the region, and the for world.  They met in Paris, during the run up to the ‘Free Iran’ Rally hosted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), on July 1st.

"The Winds of Change Have Started Blowing…"

Last Saturday a massive rally was held by the Iranian opposition in Paris where a solution was offered to the conflict in an already war-torn region. The Free Iran gathering was attended by tens of thousands of Iranians and hundreds of politicians, parliamentarians, religious leaders and activists from across the world. The presence of this enormous crowd suggests that the prospects of democratic regime change are becoming more and more viable.

"Free Iran" Rallies 100,000 Supporters on Saturday

On, July 1st, a massive gathering of tens of thousands of members of the Iranian Diaspora joined hundreds of dignitaries from the Arab World, the United States and Europe and their supporters in a convention hall north of Paris, where at least 100,000 people voiced their demands for regime change in Tehran. The event, staged annually by opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), was led by its President, Maryam Rajavi. People came together to unite against the regime in Iran. It was the largest gathering of Iranians abroad of its kind.

Victims of Iran Terrorism Take Iran to Court in Canada

A $1.7 billion judgement against the Iranian government in favour of American victims of terrorism has been upheld by the Court of Appeal in Canada. It rejects the state’s immunity and says Iran is trying to overturn Canada’s Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act.

This is another victory for victims of terrorism and is another step closer to making Iran be accountable for the numerous acts of terrorism it was involved with during the eighties and nineties via its support for Hezbollah and Hamas.

Iran Regime and Allies Conspiring to Create Chaos in Middle East Claims Saudi Arabia Ambassador

Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations has declared that Qatar has been actively supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East for around two decades. 

In a press statement issued by the Saudi representative Ambassador Abdullah Bin Yahya Al Mu'allemi, Saudi Arabia maintains that Qatar has been destabilising and posing a security risk to numerous countries in the Middle East, as well as being involved with terrorist groups that pose a risk to the whole world.

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