Saturday July 22, 2017

MEP says belief in Rouhani’s moderation ‘the worst kind of wishful thinking’

Following reports of the staggering number of executions in Iran, a British MEP had described the notion that President Rouhani is in any way a moderate as ‘the worst kind of wishful thinking’.

Julie Girling, an MEP for South West England, stated that although she and other MEPs were concerned for the plight of women in Iran, they were encouraged by the work of the Iranian Resistance.

Girling was one of the 270 MEPs to sign a letter insisting that the EU condition their negotiations with Iran on improvements to the dire human rights situation and expressing support for Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance.

She said, “[Rajavi’s] a democrat. She's a woman. She's a Muslim. And she is challenging fundamentalism.”

Girling accused Iran of playing “a destructive role” in the Middle East after it’s meddling in the affairs of nearby countries like Saudi Arabia and it’s financial and military support for the Bashar al-Assad regime in the Syrian civil war.


A rally for a Free Iran will be held in Paris on Saturday, July 9, to expose the horrors of the regime and plead with Western leaders to put an end to the regime’s human rights abuses.

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