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Saturday May 27, 2017

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From the very first days of inception, the Iranian regime under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, clearly and repeatedly expressed intentions to expand and spread its fundamentalist rule throughout the region.

Before the opportunity in Iraq arose, the Iranian regime had been secretly developing its nuclear program for 18 years. After the war in Iraq, the mullahs faced an opportunity of a lifetime. The void of power in Iraq was an open invitation for the mullahs to realize their lifetime dream of an Islamic Empire.

But mullahs with an atomic bomb and having achieved control in Iraq will never stop there as we can already see the disastrous developments in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza Strip. Iraq is only the beginning. If the mullahs manage to gain control in Iraq, the whole region will flare up and soon we’ll all have to face a devastating war even bigger than the World War II.

Confronting the Islamic Republic, the West finds itself with no options. It either has to go to war right now or accept defeat and pullout of Iraq only to face a bigger war shortly after.

But there is a peaceful solution. The solution lie’s in the hands of the Iranian people who strive for a democratic change.

Please help us advance the cause of peace and democracy in Iran and the Middle East. Link to us and let your viewers hear the voices of the Iranian people determined to bring about a democratic change in that country and save the world from a devastating war that could be in the horizons.

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