Arab Spring
Saturday May 27, 2017

Egypt Katatni Denies Meeting Iran Larijani in Khartoum

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Muslim Brotherhood’s Party spokesman, Ahmed Subaie, told reporters today that, “Katani never traveled to Sudan and never made any remarks.”

Earlier Monday, the Iranian Press TV website claimed in a report that, “Egypt’s Parliament Speaker Mohamed Saad El-Katatni has lauded Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution as a source of inspiration for all the popular revolutions across the region.”  The report also claimed that Katatni “defended Tehran’s nuclear rights.”

Iranian state-run media and particularity the Press TV are known for publishing false and fabricated news and information.  Fabricated reports of remarks made by senior Egyptian officials extending support for Iran and the Iranian revolution are nothing new for Iranian news sources.  One most famous of all was last summer’s report about the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Last June, Iranian Fars News published a report about an interview with Mohamed Morsi in which, Fars said, Morsi commented that he wanted to build ties with the Islamic Republic.  A spokesman for the president at the time denied categorically that Morsi had ever given an interview with Fars News Agency let along making such remark.  He stressed that anything the agency had published “was without any foundation.”

The report published in English on Iranian Press TV claimed that Katatni praised Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution as the source of inspiration for all popular revolutions across the region,”  Press TV also claimed that Katani “defended Tehran's nuclear rights.”

In a statement released yesterday, Saad Katani emphasized that, “the Arab Spring is very different from the Iranian revolutions.”  He stressed in the statement that he “did not make any remarks about the Iranian revolutions.”

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