Sunday April 30, 2017

IRAN - Maryam Rajavi: Way forward is to compel mullahs abide UN Security Council resolutions

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, responds to the news of the joint statement between the Iranian Regime and the P5+1.


House member’s letter to President Obama shows concern over Iran nuclear talks

On Monday, President Barack Hussein Obama received a letter from three hundred and sixty seven house members highlighting what they described as “grave and urgent issues” pertaining to the negotiations to control Iran’s future nuclear ambitions. It also urged visible limitations on Tehran’s nuclear program.


Death to America” says Khamenei as the deadline on the prospective nuclear deal approaches

The supreme leader of the clerical Iranian regime made an appearance on Saturday in front of a crowd in the city of Mashhad, where he called for “Death to America”, a day after the President of the United States Barack Obama appealed to the regime to seize the opportunity being provided to them for a nuclear deal.


Iran refuses to apply brakes on executions

The Iranian regime continues to commit gross violations of human rights despite repeated calls by rights groups and other countries for revision of policy. In Iran, people are subjected to medieval laws that proscribe death penalty and other cruel punishments for a wide range of crimes. 

Two men, were hanged to death in a southeastern city of Iran on Sunday. The two men had been in prison for four years prior to their execution. They had been sentenced to death for enmity with God.


Injustice prevails in Iran

Somewhere in Iran in a grimy cell lies Saman Naseem, a political prisoner in the grasp of the Fundamentalist regime beaten, bruised and tortured physically and mentally.

This poor soul is scheduled to be executed on 19th February. According to Amnesty International Saman was tortured and a forced confession was recorded to air on television.


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