Sunday August 20, 2017

Iranian Regime Fears Uprising as Elections Draw Near

Iran’s upcoming election on May 19th has a cloud hanging over it this year. It looms as the shadow of the uprisings that followed the controversial election in 2009. 

There is an undercurrent in Iranian society that has expressed their displeasure with the ruling regime. A warning to the candidates began the second debate, when The Friday Prayers’ Leader in Tehran said: “The debates should be on presidential issues…. But we must avoid acts that rattle society.”


In Iran's Presidential Election, Much Is at Stake

The choice in Iran's presidential election Friday is between incumbent Hassan Rouhani, and known participant in the 1988 Massacre, Ebrahim Raisi. 

Rouhani is still the apparent frontrunner, however, his challenge from Raisi may be more difficult than expected.  Raisi rallied religious traditionalists around him, as well as working-class voters who are disillusioned with the economy.


Iranian Opposition Criticises "Sham" Elections in Iran

As the Iranian elections approach, there has been a huge campaign that is encouraging the people to not participate in voting. Across the country there are numerous social media posts, videos and posters that highlight the people’s desire for the regime to be overthrown. 

The campaign is present across the whole country, not just in the capital and the main cities.


Iran's Rouhani Criticized over Lack of Economic Benefits from Nuclear Deal

On Friday, in a pre-election debate over the lack of economic revival since his nuclear deal with big powers, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was challenged by rivals.  He claimed that oil exports had resurged and the economy just needed more time to recover.

Elected by a landslide in 2013, Rouhani pledged to end Iran’s international isolation that had crippled the economy, and to ease restraints on society in the Islamic Republic. As he seeks re-election on May 19, his supporters voice disappointment at his performance in office.


US Scrutinizes Iranian Airlines and Boeing's Sale of Aircraft

Ira¬nian airlines are reportedly supplying arms and equipment to President Bashar Assad’s military and its Iranian allies, such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Shia mi¬litias in Iraq, and Houthi rebels in Yemen. This may trigger a crackdown by US officials that will focus on the air bridge between Iran and Syria.

Since the Syrian war began in March 2011, Hezbollah and the Shia militias have played a large part in keep¬ing Assad in power. Assad’s armed forces and the mili¬tias would have a hard time surviving without the airlifts.


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