Saturday April 29, 2017

Supreme Leader of Iran Urges Next President to Rely Less on the West

As the 19th May elections are approaching, claims are being made from all factions of the Iranian regime regarding future policies and the future president. The latest comments from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are regarding Iran’s relationship with the West. He said on state TV earlier this week: “The candidates should promise to focus on national capabilities and domestic capacities to resolve the economic issues ... rather than looking abroad.”


Obama Administration's Appeasement of the Iranian Regime Goes Further Than Initially Suspected

In January last year, the Obama administration was involved in an act that would open the country up to further manipulation from Iran. It released seven Iranian-born prisoners that had been charged with “sanctions violations or violations of the trade embargo”. In return, Iran released 5 Americans that had been held by Iranian authorities since 2011. 

After the fact, it was discovered that it was not just a prisoner swap that took place. And it was also discovered that the Obama administration’s claims that the Iranian prisoners were accused of violating sanctions were downplayed – the men were actually national-security threats.


Iran Heading in the Same Direction as North Korea

Last week, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA) was going to be reviewed and condemned Iran’s ongoing violations and nefarious acts. He said that the main objective of the nuclear deal is being ignored and vowed that the Trump administration would not be following in the footsteps of the previous President who let Iran run riot. “The [nuclear deal] fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran; it only delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state. The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran.”


Iran's Request for Yellowcake Should Be Denied

The Iranian regime is renewing its bid for more uranium. It original request was authorised by President Obama (who spent most of his term appeasing the Iranian regime), but was eventually blocked by the United Kingdom. Now Iran is said to be planning to ask again. 

The United States must declare that it will not provide approval until there is evidence that the regime has not been causing trouble. To do otherwise would be to continue along the lines of President Obama.


The Iran and Russian Alliance

Following the US decision to launch a military strike in Syria, relations between Iran and Russia have been strengthening. The Defence Minister of Iran is expected to go to Russia before the end of April to discuss military cooperation. 

They want their military cooperation to show strength and to deter the US from taking action in the Middle East.


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